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Welcome to our launch, our first post and the beginning of this adventure!
When I first sat down to write this post, I didn’t know where to start – because we have so much to share, so many thrilling plans for this place of inspiration and so much support behind it too! We are touched by the amount of encouragement we have had from professionals in the wedding industry who have inspired us beyond the submissions and features we have been sent, but also with their excitement.

The European Wedding Guide is a place for you to find inspiration for destination weddings throughout Europe, from Italy to Iceland, Russia and Greece! For couples’ who are planning  their own dream destination wedding, we want to delight you with ideas and the most beautiful weddings, the most incredible photography and talented professionals  who work within Europe.

We are going to be a place for couples to enjoy, whatever stage of their wedding planning – from wondering if a destination wedding if for them, to choosing which country and exploring the finer details of wedding decor, dresses and flowers.

How do you plan a wedding in another country?
We’re going to be answering so many important questions like this!

Experts are going to bring you heartfelt information, tips and invaluable advice across a range of topics and wedding professions. They will cover issues and questions many couples cannot find the answers to – making your wedding planning easier, more enjoyable and exciting!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our first feature – it is incredibly beautiful!

Credits . Images + Styling by Catharine Noble Photography . Ring by Asos . Shoes by Asos . Bridal headpiece by Corrine Smith Designs .

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